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*sees a skeleton*

oh no he’s cute.

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I dont know what I missed... what did you post that caused so many people to unfollow you

i became… multifandom




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I currently hit 5k and I ??!!?
I want to thank all people who stayed with this blog. Thank you for not leaving me haha I love you all. I appreciate a lot that they are people, who enjoy my blog and my graphics. It makes me really happy. omg I’m bad in writing a speech so here have the people who makes my dash and my stay on tumblr nicer

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i dont know i think i just wanted to draw zoro being annoyed by a buncha lil brats

pls view full size

Free! + Sydney


5部詰め(5月) | チョコサブレ

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headcanon that kidd has a runway on his ship. like an actual catwalk runway. he buys a new outfit every week and each friday night he’ll strut his stuff as really bad techno music plays.

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making HONEST ANTAGONISTS who believe they’re in the right and firmly believe in what they’re doing is SO MUCH MORE INTERESTING than making them “crazy” because of some outside influence. make villains who believe they are the protagonists

anna-hiwatari replied to your post: anonymous said:Know any other goo…

the ones with asterisks are 90-100% One Piece

there ya go, anon

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how many unfollows so far?

ah i haven’t really been counting, but at least 20 so far. lost another three after answering the opdirectory question, probably will be more when i answer this one.

it really doesn’t bother me though, because this is the first time in ages i’ve actually done something for myself, if that makes sense? like idk shit’s been pretty difficult this year, but at least the simplicity of my blogging experience is within my own control. this blog was 100% one piece for a solid year and a half, which i think is a pretty good run. even now, it’s still my main fandom and i still have plenty of ideas for graphics, theories, headcanons and what not.

that being said, i came a really long way since i started out as a one piece blog. thanks to all of you who stuck with me through that time. it’s not that huge a change, but all the same don’t feel obligated to continue following me, nor bad for unfollowing. ‘cause i’m not feeling bad.

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