These losers are perfect for each other

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these two keep me alive

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Portgas D. Ace or Levi?

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【書店通販中】 食う寝る笑う君が好き 【ジョルミスR18】

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Chapter 750 "War"
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Gintama: Bringing you both ends of the emotional spectrum—from toilet humor (literally) to heart wrenching tragedy. You never know what you’re gonna get.

week 1 of friendship: this is a cool person
week 30 of friendship: this is a gay egg
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Wouldn’t really say it’s a tradition for us, all hallow’s eve might’ve been way back when, but now it’s just the same over commercialized bullshit everywhere. Besides, it’s as much Australia’s as our’s, given that Australia is descended from Europe.

the difference is that it’s only become a thing over here in my lifetime. even 10-15 years ago there were basically no halloween things around at this time of year. halloween was brought over to the us and canada by the irish as part of tradition, but only really hit off in australia when commercial enterprises decided they could profit from it so yeah. i’m sure its just as big (even bigger) a marketing scheme in america these days, but at least in america it was actually founded on something other than money.

also at least it’s actually pumpkin season for you guys so you don’t come across as try-hard. but then ofc my city puts fake snow in the city to decorate for christmas even though its 40 celseus, need i say more.